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LJ Investing Team specializes in purchasing residential homes in any condition in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia with cash and no hassle. We have helped many homeowners to realize their goal of selling their houses very fast without any stress and anguish. We don’t leave you to face the hassles of repairing or putting the house in good shape before selling, we buy as it is. We also assist in resolving title issues.

What is the condition of the house?

Not in good shape, long term neglect, outdated, plumbing issues, location out of site or unfriendly environment. Who cares!

What is your reason for selling the house?

Divorce, foreclosure, change of residence location, work transfer, fire damage, flood damage, old inherited house, need cash to settle debt or loan, repairs getting out of hand, financial challenge, emotional burden, mortgage underwater, name it!

Regardless of the conditions, situations or reasons for selling the house, we buy directly for cash without having to list on the market and help you to get back your normal life quickly.

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